Sensory Play Kits with Water Beads

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Sensory Play Kits 

Your little one will enjoy discovering, imagining, creating and exploring all of the interesting play figures, treasures and textures in these sensory play kits.  There are endless opprotunities for role playing, storytelling and imagination. Every Sensory Play Kit includes items specifically chosen to support an engaging open ended play experiences full of storytelling opportunity and sensory stimulation! 

Sensory Play Kits Feature:

*Play Figures for role playing and imagining adventures with.

*Items to create small worlds for adventures to take place in.

*Treasures with interesting textures to seek and find.

*Sensory filler material which can be scooped, poured, transfered, mixed and moved around as your child plays play.

Water Beads need to be soaked in water for several hours before they are ready to be played with. Water Beads are biologisch afbreekbar. They can also be air dried, and will shrink back to their origional size and can be rehydrated again several times. 

*Choose from - Ocean World or Mermaids

Ocean World Sensory Play Kit

Create an Ocean World in your sensory bin with this engaging sensory play kit. Your kit includes: 6 ocean creatures, 1 boat, 10 strings of shiny beads, 10 glass gems, 5 shells, 2 sea plants and water beads sensory filler.

*The Ocean World kit is also avaliable as a Colored Rice Kit.

Mermaid Sensory Play Kit Currently SOLD OUT

Create a Mermaid world in your sensory bin with this engaging sensory play kit. Your kit includes: 2 mermaid figures, 2 sparkly mermaid tails, 2 fish, 8 strings of shiny beads, 10 glass gems, 6 shells, 2 plastic coins, 2 sea plants, several plastic diamonds  and water beads sensory filler.

*The mermaid kit is also avaliable as a Rainbow Rice Kit, and includes a wooden treasure box.

Note: There are small parts in all of the Sensory Play Kits, parental supervision is always suggested.

*The sensory bin for playing in is not included in a Sensory Play Kit. 

Note: I will contact you regarding your delivery choice.

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Delivery 3.00 (Arnhem area)

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