Hi! Welcome to KinderCrea!

My name is Amanda. Over the past 25+ years I have worked in various educational settings with children of all ages, languages and learning styles. I have a Masters degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, with a focus on Child Development. I live in Arnhem with my Dutch husband and we have a 10 year old daughter who attends a local Dutch democratic primary school. After teaching at International Schools for many years I decided to follow a new path and 5 years ago I started KinderCrea.  

I believe in the power of play! I believe children are natural learners, especially when given time and trust to follow their own interests and ideas. I believe sensory experiences and messy play support children's overall development and their understanding of the world around them. "begrijpen met je handen." I believe that the process of exploring different materials is much more important than creating a finished product. I am very inspired by the Reggio approach and have a Montessori mindset.  

TheCreative Playgroup is something I wish existed when my daughter was young. Since I couldn't find it, I created it! I am excited to offer you and your child the opportunity to engage in creative sensory play together. Looking forward to meeting you soon!