Creative Playgroups - Creatief Spelochtend


Creative Playgroups are for children ages 1-4 and their caregivers. During each session I offer a variety of playful creative invitations such as sensory bins, painting, play dough and more! Playgroup is all about open ended play, process art and sensory experiences. It's a morning full of wonder, creativity and exploration. Several activities are set up for the children to explore at their own pace. The children are free to choose where to start, how long to engage and how to approach the materials presented to them. There are no formal instructions or expected outcomes.  We use mostly natural materials as well as realistic objects/toys and real tools. It can occasionally get a little messy, so come dressed appropriately. Each session is a little bit different and always fun!


De Creatief Spelochtend zorgt voor sensopathisch en procesgericht spel vol plezier voor jonge kinderen. Tijdens de spelochtend bied ik verschillende sensory bins aan om in te duiken. Wij gaan ook verven, kleien en nog meer leuks doen! Zo nemen de kinderen spelenderwijs een ontdekkingstocht om hun zintuigen te prikkelen met allerlei materialen. Het is ook zo ontzettend leuk je kind bezig te zien de verschillende materialen te begrijpen met hun handen. Elke ochtend een beetje anders en altijd superleuk!

Food materials may be used. If your child has any food allergies please be sure to let me know in advance! 

If you have questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) or send me an e-mail.

Winter Session

We're meeting on Tuesdays and Fridays this session. 

Week of January 9 until the week of February 13 (Weeks 2 - 7)

When:  9:30-11:00 

Where: Dalweg 61in Arnhem Noord- We are meeting in my home atelier.

Cost: 6 weeks for 70€ 

Drop in occasionally for 12,50 per visit per child. 

2023 Session Dates


week 2-7 / January 9- February 13

Spring Session 1 

weeks 10-15 / March 6 - April 10

Spring Session 2

weeks 21-27 / May 22 - July 3

(not meeting in week 25)

Summer Vacation 


Autumn Session (w/ Halloween)

weeks 36-43 / September 4 - October 23 

(not meeting in the herfstvakantie)

Winter Holidays Session (Sinterklaas, Christmas...)

weeks 44-50 / October 30-December 11