FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


Can we just come occasionally? Yes! Come check out a session and see if the KinderCrea experience is what you are looking for. Be sure to contact me first if you'd like to drop in.  Most families come regularly each week so the children and parents all get to know each other and make new friends too! 

My child and I don't speak English or Dutch. or  We only speak Dutch. Can we come?  Playgroup is perfect for every language! Play is the universal language of children. Playgroup is a parent and child experience, so you will be speaking with your child in which ever language you speak when you are together. We have families who join Playgroup from a variety of language and cultural backgrounds. I will speak (mostly) English with you and the children. Please feel free to email or speak with me in Dutch or English.

Do you give the children instructions? The children are welcome to begin as soon as they arrive. There are no formal instructions given. If you have any questions about an activity set up or the materials please ask. Children often come up with their own creative ideas for how to use the materials presented.  Sometimes the materials get spilled out of the bins. At this age some accidental spilling and dumping is to be expected as they explore their motor skills and properties of the materials. Gentle reminders to keep items in the bin are ok. Please encourage your children not to intentionally throw, spill or dump items. This way all of the children can enjoy the activities. Parents are responsible for their children while at Playgroup.

How messy is it, really? Your child is likely to get a bit of paint on them or perhaps wet, sticky or a little messy. We always have a hand washing bucket and plenty of towels. It is advised to bring extra clothes, including socks just in case they get too wet from water play or more messy on their clothes than expected. 

How do you come up with all your ideas? I have been teaching and working in education for 20+ years, mostly in the early childhood age range ( 2-7 year olds) My professional and educational background is in Child Development, Early Childhood Education and Special Educational Needs. I am passionate about offering children opportunities to explore and play on their own terms. I design developmentally appropriate play invitations which support this.

Where do you get the materials? I source materials anywhere and everywhere.  I prefer natural materials, real tools and realistic objects and toys. I make a conscious effort to choose materials which are natural, durable, reusable, recycled, previously loved, and recyclable. 

An Important Note About the Materials- Some of the materials we use are small which could pose a choking hazard for kids under 3, who are still in the mouthing stage. Parent supervision is required at all times and parents are responsible for their children.  We often use food materials too. If your child has any food allergies be sure to let me know in advance!

If you have any other questions please contact me and I'd be happy to answer them for you!