FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


Can we just drop in for Toddler Art Playgroup? Yes of course! Come check out a session and see if the KinderCrea experience is what you are looking for!  You can pay per visit (10 euros) or purchase 10 sessions for 90 euros. The 10 lessons can be used for up to a year, so you're welcome to drop in when it suits you.  We mostly have families who come regularly each week, and the benefit of this is that the children and parents all get to know each other and make new friends! Be sure to send me an email if you'd like to drop in.


My child doesn't speak English. or  We only speak Dutch. Can we come to KinderCrea?  Art Play is for every language! Play is the universal language of children. KinderCrea and Art Play is a parent and child experience, you will be speaking with your child in which ever language you speak when you are together. We have families who join Art Playgroup from a variety of language backgrounds. I will speak (mostly) English with you and the children. Most families who currently join Art Playgroup are Dutch.

Please feel free to email or speak with me in either Dutch or English.


Do you give the children instructions? Are there rules? The children are welcome to begin as soon as they enter, there are no formal instructions given. If you have any questions please ask. The children often come up with their own creative ideas for how to use the materials presented.

Sometimes the sensory materials get spilled out of the bins. At this age some spilling, throwing and dumping is to be expected as they explore.  Gentle reminders to keep items in the bin are ok. Please encourage your children not to intentionally throw things or spill them out of the sensory bins, in order to not hurt themselves or others or break things. It is usually pretty clear when items are getting spilled due to exploring the materials vs intentionally. I will occasionally sweep or wipe up spills as the children play to help keep the play area inviting.

Parents are responsible for their children while at KinderCrea.

*Since we will use the same activities and materials all week long for different playgroups, please try not to mix materials between the activity tables. This way we can ensure that all the children who come to Art Playgroup can enjoy the activities as presented.  


How messy is it, really? Your child is likely to get a bit of paint on them or perhaps wet/ sticky/messy clothes from the wet sensory bins.  Maybe they will get sandy or muddy from outdoor play. We have hand washing buckets, sinks and plenty of towels. We also offer aprons for the children to wear. Everything is washable, even children.

It is advised that you bring an extra change of clothes, including socks. However a full change of clothes is not usually needed. We have a changing table you can use if needed too.  Some parents find rain boots for outdoor play helpful, as they are easy to put on and take off. 


Can we really leave you with the mess? How long does it take to clean up? The Art Playgroup is finished at 11:00.

Please consider how much time it will take for you to get your child ready to go home and start getting ready before 11:00. Usually 5 or 10 minutes is enough. It really depends on how messy the session was for your child.

I will offer reminders that Art Playgroup is finished and I will close some of the activities, to help you get your children ready to go home. Sometimes it's really hard to stop and leave all the fun!  

I don't expect the children or the parents to clean the studio. I will take care of all of the cleaning. The studio usually looks worse than it really is by the end of a lesson. It can take me anywhere between 30-90+ minutes to clean the studio and prepare it for the next playgroup. 


Do you offer Snack at Art Playgroup? No. We do not have a set snack time. Parents do come prepared with a little snack for their child, if they ask for it.  Tea and coffee is provided for parents. Water is available for the children. 


Where are you located? KinderCrea is in Arnhem Zuid, at Terneuzenstraat 81, in the DeLaar Oost neighbourhood. Our studio is in a downstairs apartment with a nice sunny garden. The building is located behind the Jumbo shopping centre, and is in walking distance from the Kinderboderij / Playground De Kroon.  We have plenty of free parking, several buses stop nearby and you could even walk (about 20 min) or bike  (6 min) from the Arnhem Zuid train station/ Schuytgraaf Shopping Centre. 


How do you come up with all your ideas/activities? I have been teaching and working in education for 20+ years, mostly in early childhood classrooms, including preschool. My background is in Child Development, Early Childhood Education and Special Educational Needs. I am passionate about offering children the opportunity to explore and play on their own terms and I aim to set up activities which support this. I have tons of my own ideas from years of experience. I also get inspiration from the children, from online and from different art play studios, like ours, from around the world.


Where do you get the materials? I source materials from grocery stores, hardware stores, home and garden centres, secondhand shops and sometimes I even find things at the toy store. I also order online from educational and art supply shops.  I prefer natural materials, real and realistic tools and toys and neutral colours.  I make a conscious effort to choose materials which are durable, reusable, recycled, previously loved, and recyclable. 


An Important Note About the Materials- Some of the materials we use are small which could pose a choking hazard for kids under 3, and who are still in the mouthing stage and/or try to eat everything. Parent supervision is required at all times and parents are responsible for their children while at KinderCrea.  We often use food materials in our sensory bins too. If your child has any food allergies be sure to let me know in advance!


If you have any other questions please send me an email and I'd be happy to answer them for you!