Creative Playgroup for toddlers and peuters 

We meet weekly to play and explore creative sensory activities in the great outdoors!

Several activities are set up for the children to explore at their own pace. The children are free to choose where to start, how long to engage and how to approach the materials presented to them. There are no formal instructions or expected outcomes.  We use mostly natural materials as well as realistic objects/toys and real tools. 

Considering we meet outdoors as guests of nature, we will leave no trace. We take care that the materials stay in their activity areas so that nothing is left behind. 

Creative Playgroup can also be a little messy, so come dressed appropriately. A hand washing station and towels will be available. 

Activities offered at a session may include:

-Homemade Play-dough or Natural Clay, with loose parts 

-Sensory Bins

-Process Art- exploring art materials and techniques 

-Painting Experiences 

-Mud Kitchen Play

-Loose Parts Play

Food materials may be used in the sensory bins. If your child has any food allergies please be sure to let me know in advance! 

If you have questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) or send me an e-mail if your question is not answered there.

Sessions are on going, you can join any time! 

Group size is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance!

WhenWednesday or Friday from 9:30-11:00 

Where: TBA

Cost: 10 sessions for 90 euros

Drop-in Rate: 10 euros per session.