Toddler Art Playgroup  

Art Playgroup is for young children around 15 months (walking/standing) up to 4 years old. We explore a variety of creative and sensory materials through play. The studio is child led, where the children choose what to do and how to explore the invitations presented to them. Children can work with their parents, on their own and/or with the other children. The focus is on allowing the children to engage their senses as they explore the materials and creative processes at their own pace and interest. 

When you enter the studio you'll find 6 activities set up as invitations. The materials for each activity are presented in an inviting way to give the children inspiration for how they might interact with the materials. The children are welcome to begin as soon as they enter, there are no formal instructions given. If you have any questions please ask. 

The invitations are presented in the following activity areas-

-Homemade play-dough or natural clay, with loose parts 

-2 sensory bins (usually one wet and one dry)

-Process art experience, technique or project

-Open ended creating table with scissors, glue, pens/crayons/pencils and interesting art/craft materials to experiment with

-Painting experiences in the paint room. We paint on large paper, mirrors, a recycled art wall, or on unexpected items. Sometimes unconventional items hang on the wall or dangle in the middle of the room to paint on.

-Outside (weather permitting) sensory and art activities and the Mud Kitchen

As much as possible I offer natural materials - wood, metal, and items from nature. You will also notice the use of real and realistic looking (child safe) objects, tools and toys. The materials are carefully chosen for their sensory stimulating properties. The activities are designed for exploring, creating and playing using the senses.

You are welcome to take paintings, drawings or collages home, but making 'something' is not the focus. Art Playgroup is about the process not the product. 

The art activities and sensory bins can be messy, so be prepared for a little mess. Aprons are available for the children, if they want to wear them. Bringing a change of clothes for the children is recommended, but not always necessary. Food materials are often used in the sensory bins. If your child has any food allergies please be sure to let me know in advance! 


Have more questions? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) or send me an e-mail if your question is not answered there.


When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 9:30-11:00  (closed for some school holidays)

Lessons are on going, so you can join any time!

Where: Terneuzenstraat 81 in DeLaar Oost, Arnhem Zuid

Cost: 10 lessons for 90 euros or drop in for 10 euros per lesson.


Drop-ins Welcome: Come check out a session and see if the KinderCrea experience is what you are looking for!  

Be sure to send me an email if you'd like to drop in.


Tea and coffee is provided for parents. 


Contact us if you are interested in dropping by or joining a group!