Sensory Play Kits with Rainbow Rice

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Sensory Play Kits 

Your little one will enjoy discovering, imagining, creating and exploring all of the interesting play figures, treasures and textures in these sensory play kits.  There are endless opprotunities for role playing, storytelling and imagination. Every Sensory Play Kit includes items specifically chosen to support an engaging open ended play experiences full of storytelling opportunity and sensory stimulation! 

Sensory Play Kits Feature:

*Play Figures for role playing and imagining adventures with.

*Items to create small worlds for adventures to take place in.

*Treasures with interesting textures to seek and find.

*Sensory filler material or materials (depending on the kit) which can be scooped, poured, transfered, mixed and moved around as your child plays play.

*Choose from - Fairy, Garden, Springtime, Love, Mermaid or Unicorn

Fairy Sensory Play Kit

Create a Fairy world in your sensory bin with this engaging sensory play kit. Your play kit includes: 2 wooden peg dolls, 6 colorful feathers, 4 play diamonds, 1 old fashioned key, fake flowers, scooping spoon, cup with lid, 10 glass gems, 10 shiny bead strings, fabric bag for treasure storage, 2 glitter pipe cleaners (not pictured) and a sensory filler of rainbow rice.

Springtime Sensory Play Kit

Celebrate Spring in your sensory bin with this engaging sensory play kit. Your kit includes: 3 plastic eggs which open and close- in large, medium and small, fluffy chick family- 1 large and 6 small fluffy chicks, 2 cookie cutter shapes, 4 wooden spring shapes, 5 mini eggs, 8 shiny bead strings, 10 glass gems, 2 flowers, a fabric bag to store your treasures in and a sensory filler of rainbow rice.

Mermaid Sensory Play Kit SOLD OUT

Create a Mermaid world in your sensory bin with this engaging sensory play kit. Your kit includes: 2 mermaid figures, 2 sparkly mermaid tails, 2 sea creatures, 8 strings of shiny beads, 10 glass gems, 6 shells, 2 plastic coins, 2 sea plants, several plastic diamonds, wooden treasure box.

*The mermaid kit is also avaliable as a Water Bead Kit, but does not include the wooden treasure box.

Love Sensory Play Kit

2 cupcake forms, 1 heart cookie cutter, 2 large wooden heard shapes, 2 small wooden hearts, 3 glitter wooden hearts, 2 sparkly hearts, 1 plush satin heart, 1 glass heart, 3 heart toppers, 10 shiny bead strings, 3 plastic diamonds, 2 wooden peg dolls, 1 flower and rainbow rice as a sensory filler.

Unicorn Sensory Play Kit

2 pegasus/unicorn figures, 1 fairy figure, 1 wooden treasure box, 2 flowers, 2 magic stones, 2 large diamonds, 8 small diamonds, 6 flower petals, 1 old fashioned key, 6 glass gems, 5 flat unicorn figures, 8 shiny bead strings, a fabric bag to store treasues in and a sensory filler of rainbow rice.

Garden Sensory Play Kit

5 flowers, 2 flower pots, tongs, scooper, wooden butterfly and flower, 2 wooden birds with pattern, 1 wooden flower with pattern, 2 leaves, 1 garden snake, 1 bug, 1 butterfly, 1 bird, 1 nest , 2 eggs, 1 shimmery butterfly, 4 butterfly gems, 8 glass gems, 8 shiny bead strings and rainbow rice as a sensory filler.

Note: There are small parts in all of the Sensory Play Kits, parental supervision is always suggested.

*A sensory bin for playing in is not included in a Sensory Play Kit. 

Note: I will contact you regarding your delivery choice.

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